The street race Natal to Pipa that happens today brings together 200 athletes divided into 38 teams. Five states are represented in the first edition. Leaving Redinha beach, at 5 am, it travels 70 kilometers to the beach of Pipa in the municipality of Tibau do Sul.

Carnatal - A massive Party That Happens in Natal

Carnatal is the off-season carnival of the city of Natal, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Held annually at the beginning of December, it is organized at the Arena das Dunas. It's in the Guinness Book as the world's biggest off-season carnival.


Carnatal began in 1991, when it was created what would be, 25 years ago, the largest carnival out of season in Brazil, held in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte.

Parque das Dunas (Dunas Park)

Considered the second largest State Urban Park in the country, the Conservation Unit currently has an average of 8,500 visits per month. In addition to these regulars, mostly children and adolescents, the site has a register with 6,500 Cooper practitioners. In the last two years, more than 2,320 institutions carried out in the Park school activities aimed at the practice of Environmental Education.