Shopping center


Natal has many spaces for the marketing of crafts. Only in Ponta Negra are two addresses - Vilarte and Ponta Negra Handicraft Market. But it is in the Petrópolis neighborhood that is one of the busiest: the Tourist Center. Located in the former public prison, the beautiful mansion gained charm to transform cells in stores. It is there that happens the lively "Forró with Tourist" on Thursday nights.

In each fair or market it is impossible not to be amazed at the multitude of pieces in clay, wood, fabric, glass, painting, as well as cashews, cachaça and local spices. It is worth checking prices before buying, since there are similar products in various shops and stalls. To purchase works labyrinth of income is necessary disposal. The cooperative of lace makers in the region work in the Campo district in the city of Nísia Floresta. There are 45 kilometers of travel, rewarded by beautiful tablecloths, runners, cushion covers and napkins.